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Ready to Live Life Better

through the lens of peace, love, joy and ease?


Struggling to thrive despite life’s

unfair challenges?


Looking for ways to get what you want in your life?


Searching for ways to live the life you know you deserve and desire?


Men and Women can learn powerful ways to connect to their inner wisdom and transform themselves and their lives! Becky Wilbur and Janette Stuart as Well-Being and Wonder understand the struggle, doubt, uncertainty and fear that can get in the way of living a more vibrant, peaceful and satisfying life.


Through our valiant journeys with pancreatic cancer, chronic pain, and sudden loss, Becky and Janette will help you get in touch with your inner brilliance in a powerful way, to support you to shine both personally and professionally.     


Becky and Janette have a combined 52 years of public service and have long heritages of law enforcement, military service and first responder status. 


We have the tools people need to thrive and have developed our own guidance system to share.  We understand public service and the unique challenges it brings. 



Keynote/Workshop Topics:


Living Semper Paratus, Always Ready to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Tools for Living Life Better, No. Matter. What.

Ways to Flourish When Life is Difficult

Pancreatic Cancer, Chronic Pain, Sudden Loss and What it Taught Us About Life


Becky and Janette Speak to:


Military Personnel

Public Sector Work Teams

Those Facing Health Challenges

Those interested in Improving Their Quality of Life

Phone (510) 244-4876



Becky Wilbur and Janette Stuart are Well-Being and Wonder

Becky Wilbur and Janette Stuart are Well-Being and Wonder